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A visit to Cuba is a fascinating step back in time. Its unique culture is a blend of Spanish, Caribbean, native Indian and African cultures melded together to create the Cuban vibrancy a way of life full of dance and color. But there is always a “But”, the Cuban way of life will inevitably modernize, and quickly, now that commercial flights from the US to Cuba have started. Here is your chance to experience the “real Cuba” before mass tourism changes its unique character forever!

What differentiates Tourcuba with other tour operators is my personal experience, and family contacts in Cuba. My name is Gina, and I have been one of the lucky few whose parents made the courageous commitment to flee Cuba to the US in 1959 before Cuba was closed off to the world. Residing now in Australia for the last 30 years has given me the unique position of knowing the US and Australian culture, while at the same time understanding and loving the Cuban culture through my enduring relationship with my family in Cuba. Being a seasoned traveler myself I also understand the needs of the traveler our client.

All this has enabled my family in Cuba and I to embark on this new venture which we wish you to be a part of. Everything you will experience has been carefully vetted by me to ensure your comfort while you experience the uniqueness of this beautiful and exciting Cuban culture.

You will be greeted with the generous hospitality of the Cuban people by staying in “Casas” or private homes that have been uniquely converted into “Bed and Breakfasts – Cuban Style” All the Casas have been visited by me to ensure that you will feel welcome and comfortable.

The reality is that, as Cuba catches up with the 21st century, there can be unexpected surprises. With this tour you have the added bonus of having my family in the background ensuring that every part of the tour is on track. We have Alvaro in Habana, Roberto in Cienfuegos and Luisito in Trinidad. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly and are looking forward to meeting you and sharing their Cuba!

Come let us show you the true color and vibrancy of the “real” Cuba.

Nos vemos pronto.

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